Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Emi's Seventy-Fifth Email! July 11, 2016

So yeah we had that weird start to the week. After emailing we went to
the break the Ramadan feast at our investigators!! It was some of the
best food I've had in my life. Mama you have to make more Turkish
food please. 

Wednesday we were back at the grind. 

Thursday we went to a member's 85th birthday partayyy! Worked then 
went to another tea apt haha. Institute and correlation. 

Friday we helped Bishop here move which was huge progress for us and his 
family, it was so fun. And they got us McD and then Dominos and from there we 
went and saw another family we are teaching and they fed us again. We also have 
lunch and tea apts everyday til I get released so any weight I've been hoping to
lose is not happening but we did go on one intense run, the weather
hasn't permitted it to go any further than that. Wales didn't win the
Euro cup. Such a shame. We did well tho. Any way yeah we worked.

Saturday we worked with the sisters in Wrexham a bit. I worked with a
sister who'd been out 2 weeks including the MTC and I had two weeks
left Hahahaha. Bless her. Tried to help out, you know, pep talks and
keeping it real for days. We did a street display. 

We cleared up her issues earlier in the week. As she was getting baptised I 
couldn't help but tear up. This is what it's all about! I am so privileged to have 
been part of that experience and beyond grateful that something I had to say
actually helped someone so much but ultimately it's that covenant
she's making. That step closer to God and back home. Sometimes life is
flipping rubbish, but it's ok because God loves us and it's all part
of His plan for us. I am just so grateful we can trust Him 111%. Trust
is a precious thing and to have it fully in the Lord is all we need.

Sunday we had church, munch and mingle, saw a member in the hospital,
please pray for her. Worked. Went to some fireside about the Chorely
temple being built which I didn't hear much of bc I fell asleep. I've
accidentally fallen asleep 10 inappropriate times this week. Not sure
what's wrong. Then we went to tea with a member who just needed some
girl talk. People never cease to amaze me.

I got a cane. It's name is Tweedy. Members feel comfortable enough
with me to call me eccentric a lot haha but it is what it is. Don't
worry, Tweedy is light enough to make it home and is very good at

Also, I got a letter addressed to myself from myself as an assignment
from BYU like almost 2 years ago and I wrote things I was hoping my
mission would do for me and it did! Except for not gaining weight but
the other stuff made me very happy it happened without even realising
it. Thank you Heavenly Father.

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