Monday, July 18, 2016

Emi's Seventy-Third Email! June 27, 2016

My mission is just ending too well! Indicators bumping, investigators
swimming, companionship blasting, members amazing, area beautiful,
etc. I am so grateful!

We went mt snow again last week then fhe.

Tuesday was the best half BRITHDAY ever! We picked strawberries with a
member, had a bomb street display, saw an investigator, then went bowling
with the relief society!!!!!

Wednesday I had a dr. Apt, he told me to wash my hair only once a week haha
yeah right doc! The Runcorn sisters joined us for an exchange and
honestly it was one of the best days on my mission. I felt like a real
missionary. We taught a former investigator and dated her on the spot
(1st lesson), and just had some good finding, teaching. I fell asleep,
had a dream and woke up by Sister Park within 3 mins of a lesson
video....whooooops. Bad influence. Next day was good too, made them
pancakes Of course. Charity shop is good.

U.K. Left the Eu. We don't get into that kind of stuff as missionaries
but when your companion is legally Spanish but grew up in the uk,
there are emotions and opinions. I honestly don't know what it means
but apparently the prime minister is dropping uh oh. And my pound is
worth less- rubbish!

Mollie came to institute and is excited for her baptism!! Had a really
funny tea apt with members, I'm getting good at hiding food when I'm
full. We ate a lot of ice cream that day (tub and shake and

Friday we worked and we taught Mollie at the Bishop's over tea! Ideal.

Saturday we worked and saw some fab members. The elders asked us a
favour but while we waited for them, cleaned their kitchen, so

We have some really amazing people looking into the church, I love
them. We held a member missionary fireside, I didn't Like how it was
planned so I did my bit but planning wasn't really me. Either go big
or go home-like the culture night. This was quaint. Nice endeavour.
Went well enough,  I got people really into the music whilst

Top 10
10. saw a ten
9. snowdonia round 2 sore for days. A few days
8. good street displays
7. got some fab news from Presidents!
6. exchange miracles
5. member missionary fireside. Member missionary work is the only way to go!
4. Mollie and Sveltana (other investigator) her husband is Turkish and
let us try some Turkish food including Turkish Delgihts I was beyond
delighted with how deliciously amazing it was
3. solid investigators!
2. Best half BIRTHDAY with strawberry picking, bowling, the district
got me a card! Got sung to twice! And bought a MCFLURRY! 20 1/2
not too bad
1. we were teaching the Ten Commandments to a kid who didn't really
know what they were and I was like, "you know, thou shalt not"...and
he comes our of left field and said "pass"

We almost ran over a cat, granted I screamed but it survived? Then a bird..
Visited the person in the hospital, and saw something I should not
have seen. This close to yacking, good thing Sister Fernandez
distracted me and made me laugh, a pint of second hand ice cream
would've been everywhere...

One thing a member shared that I really appreciated was "this is my
testimony and it's mine to take care of" just think about it. So true.
So incumbent upon us to tend to our tree of faith. I love this gospel.
I know it's true and it's our duty to cultivate it within ourselves
but to plant its seed In the lives' of others.

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