Monday, July 18, 2016

Emi's Seventy-Fourth Email! July 5, 2016

We just finished a meeting where over 30 missionaries went home.
Another 40 leave within the next 3 months, it's just so weird. I think
it helps me get ready to move on, but oh my days. It's still so weird.

Monday we were with the district. Played some kick butt football and
obviously we won. It was actually really fun!

Lots of stellar street displays. We always steal chips from the choppy
sampler person, so I made him some cookies along with almost 100 other
pumpkin cookies yum.

I still love our charity shop. Our dated investigators are doing ok.
Some questions about the priesthood with black males in the past and
woman, nothing to be too worried about hopefully.

We did a reach out. The other one is MIA but only for every other
lesson we have with her haha

Went to the hospital a few times this week to visit people, not my
favourite thing.

So we were meant to train in a trio but one of the new sisters coming
in was still waiting for her visa so instead of giving us a
missionary, we have to wait for this rando Sister comes. Sister
Fernandez is a bit bummed because she knew that she was meant to be
with one of the sisters but obvi it didn't work out. Kinda sad. Lots
of last minute disappointments are kinda going on but I'm very grateful
to be staying in this ward with her. Time is just flying. All my
friends are only just finding out I'm finishing early and they're like
what? Oh well.

Last night I was in Crosby with a sister who goes to BYU while our
companions were at train the trainers so it was fun. Like a rando
forced sleepover haha.

-apparently there are Welsh tribes.

Top 6
1. Staying with Sister Fernandez in Chester
2. Mollie
3. Went to my last fireside
4. Sang Patriotic hymns, shout out to Sister Fernandez still singing
with me and letting me run around with my American flag even tho she's
5. Elders teaching us how to punch. I've really improved the technique
6. So a few months ago I made a push to be "sister cleaner" and was
shut down so this transfer we really just took matters into our own
hands and cleaned another flat. Broke in and everything.

I'm trying really hard not to take each day and opportunity to work
for granted, it's just crazy! Life is so weird! I'm just grateful that
Heavenly Father is helping me take each day as it comes. Ah. Thanks
everyone for your continual prayers, who knows what kind of mess I
would be without them.

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