Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Emi's Seventy-Sixth Email! July 18, 2016

Hey I don't really have time to say much but we are in a trio having such 
a good time. We got a different Sister change of plans but it's worked out 
super well. Sister Johnson is great. We went to Cheshire oaks after we 
got her then a rando mill then a pizza tea apt. We had some good street
displays, seriously lunch and tea apt everyday...but also been running 
everyday a lot more. Even jump ropes one night for like 20 mins. Pain. 

We got a gash on the car. We had a big meeting and had some Sister 
sleepover one last time! Obvi I made Panqueques. The meeting was 
stressful and so was the weekend but it's ok. Sister black came to visit 
the uk so I got to see her!!!!! Kinda weird, especially since I was third 
wheeling as a missionary but yeah, don't care. It's great because we've 
been able to go on loads of splits and stuff. We just had a lot of fun. Lots 
of tears, saying bye to people is a bummer. The U.K., I love it so much.
Still hasn't really hit me yet, but along with the stress just ah. People are so
nice. That's what amazes me. 

Yeah, I'm a hot mess but oh well. Thanks
everyone for your prayers and support, I needed it. So yeah.

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