Monday, December 21, 2015

Emi's Forty-Fourth Email! December 14, 2015

We are in the midst of the 12 days of Christmas! Most wonderful time of the year! Seeing Sister Beard off was sad but it was fun seeing friends at transfers! Lots going on in this mission, missions are weird! 

Sister Ntambwe whose name I can't pronounce at all is 25, spent 6 months of her mission in the Congo (so we are in the same group) and is a machine! So many lessons in so little time! It probably helps that preaching is the main English that she does know. And boy are there culture blocks! Like wow, no boundaries haha! This is going to be a very humbling transfer for me haha but we are going to work hard and it will be fun! She is super nice and I will get to bake during language study. And apparently she has a fiancé who is 30 back home who served in her stake!

Sad when people you actually know leave at transfers...

There was a crazy man telling me to look into his crystal ball after not giving him a cigarette..

Wow. I need this gospel so badly. I cannot do life on my own. I'm grateful for our Heavenly Father who loves us soooo much that He gave us His son. So we can live again, be happy and really get by every day. 

Top 10
10)Last few days with Sister Beard
9) Unfortunately I'm still a really awkward person! Sorry world! I don't know why but some people is just takes me FOREVER to feel comfortable around, maybe why I stayed here so long haha
8) Going to Bishop's for my birthday! No one believes how I made it on this ward so long haha
7) New district/transfers-Sister Black got me the nicest bday/Christmas presents!
6) Demolishing it at St displays
5) Seeing some of the Holt crew at the concert
4) Relief Society activity, I am so blessed to know literally all of them!
3) Christmas Carrol concert with the couple my momma met in SD
2) Having tea at their place! (See number 3) 
1) Brother Seal giving me the nickname sunny D because I smile so much and my last name and probably something to do with being from sunny SD, made my week! Didn't know I smiled much at all


 We Hunters

 We had communication issues...basically, I had to eat her pudding

Sister Saylor!!!

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