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Emi's Forty-Second Email! November 30, 2015

"I'm no saint, unless you think a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying." -Nelson Mandela

Wow. Do I keep on trying, but my word. Patience. I have no patience. So much animosity for no reason. It's a really positive effect (in the science meaning) in that I get impatient, frustrated with myself, frustrated with others, angry at myself then angry at others. It's a vicious cycle that needs to stop. It's like when I was mean to Sister Black all over again, poor sister Beard. Poor each of my companions! Seriously, you hear stories about getting companions you don't like, I've loved all of mine, but have a funny way of showing it, mainly by being a jerk! And I only act that way with people I really care about, that's the worst part!

We had a meeting this week throughout the mission, long story short, I mentioned I don't want to get married in the future and everyone thought it was funny, but I'm serious! I don't want to get married if I'm going to get mad at my husband and kids and be so nasty to them! I'm pretty open about it too, so I told Sister Beard to try three steps, which will be hard for the both of us, but I'm desperate to change

1) Acknowledge when I'm being rude and tell me to stop
2) Hug me and don't let go til I stop being mean
3) Stop what we are doing to have me pray then bear testimony to her

I would hope step one would be enough but we'll see. 

But yeah, good week. The decorations for the Thanksgiving meeting were a success! We had a £20 budget and did it with £11-holla back girl! I'll send pictures. 

The meeting was with Elder Paul V. Johnson of the 70. It was so good and I love spending time with other missionaries. 

We also went to Picadil Monday. The Christmas markets are super quaint. I feel like that brat from Wily Wonka and the Chocolate Factory because "I want the world, I want the whole world" haha but that's not happening.

Hyde crew wrote Peace a bday card...

Oh mama, I bought a bag of kale for only a £. I eat it raw and in crisp form.

We are still working hard each day to find someone solid to teach.

1) Mission Conference 
2) Packages from MB and Kari!!!! So so so kind. Like too kind. Please I don't need any more packages, feed homeless children or something, or Brandon, I think he's dying. I really appreciate it and love them but don't deserve it
3) Bishop hooked it up with some winter gear. More and more grateful for how prepared I am for these dark and dreary days
4) Decorating
5) Service with the Bescotts (stripping the walls in their new house and having Costco pizza after-yum) their new place if off the chain.
6) Thanksgiving
7) Stake Conference (different 70 spoke)
8) Got some lettas
9) The Porridge's understanding
10) Street Display in the freezing rain but it was actually really good! 

Watch this, Merry Christmas: https://www.mormon.org/christmas

Sister Emi Doncheva 🇬🇧

 Rugby Round 2


 Creepy Bridge

 This hill is massive

 Dovestone Round 3


 Indian Head Back There

 90 Degree Tree


 Hidden Lagoon

 Crazy Windy

 Body of Water

 Haha, I tried

 4 times

 Pretend like all these photos are with me

 We herding. But actually we did


 There is a massive tree behind us, I swear

 Get it, Sister BEARD

 Hard Rock


 With Laura Herself

 The Decor

 Update on the Crib



My new fav apron and a lump o dough ££££

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