Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Emi's Forty-First Email! November 23, 2015

Freak out, where to begin.

Wow, I really really don't want to go home. I've been loving every minute with Sister Beard and love her to bits. Just serving a mission and being in Oldham, I don't ever want it to end! I love everyone at home, but it is going to be way too sad to go, time is ticking and I can't find the stupid clock to break it and make time stop! 

We went to Dovestones and it was beautiful as ever, actually a bit more brown this time, and met up with Sister Warren! Then we had a lesson with someone and the Porriges. 

Tuesday President showed up to our district meeting, not sure why, and he interviewed us but only spoke about things we were already doing but that's ok with me! 

Wednesday was a day spent with the fab Sister Saylor running around town and seeing our beautiful Sister Rebel, then we saw Bishop's family and his nephew afterwards. 

Thursday we did our planning and I made like 50 pancakes for our culture night, we worked a ton and had tea at one of the 50 Sayall family (note, neither numbers are an exaggeration). They are seriously such an amazing family!

Friday we saw the Relief Society's mum and she is fab. Then we worked, spoke to some crazies, then I made Quefte!(Bulgarian meatballs) for the culture night! 

Saturday we mainly focused on a different approach for our street displays because they are kinda stinky recently, then we went to the Swalshes. They are so great! Then we worked.

Sunday we went to the beloved Seals! And saw someone who hadn't been to the church in a long time
Basically these names probably mean nothing you and I am bad at making them up, but I love them all so so so so so much! Obsessed.

Ok the culture night was like the one of the best things ever! We had food from Bulgaria, France (the pancakes I made turned out more like crepes ha), South Africa, Brazil Brazil Brazil, China, Zimbabwe, and oh yeah America haha. We had quizzes, fun facts, ping pong. We were a bit stressed at first but it was a fantastic night! And that Elder from Tonga who I said ate like 10 bowls of chili, he did the Haka and some other dance! Plus the people my mama met driving in San Diego came and loved it! And brought sourdough bread that they freshly made! So sweet and Sister Saylor chatted it up and invited them to the Christmas concert (pray I stay for Christmas!!!) and they want us over for tea!! AND to top it off, it started snowing and it was amazing! Like ah! Speaking of which, it had been very brisk these past few days, people are mocking my 5 coats, 3 gloves, etc. they don't understand.

When times are bad we tend to reach out more for the Savior in our desperate pride cycle, but just because I've been extra happy recently, I still recognize I need him at every step and that with Him I can be much more than what I can alone. I need to do His work for Him in England every single second.

Top 10
10) Dovestones round lll 
9) The district (our district)
8) Haka
7) Laundry machine broken for two weeks, but guess who gave a 30 day moving notice!
6) Some missionaries have quite literally been preaching repentance, we can't do that haha
5) Every member
4) Presient at District Meeting
3) It snowed!
2) Culture night
1) My Mama's birfday 

Sorry, probably my longest email, but it was just so good! And this week will be amazing! Every single day will be amazing! 

Sister Emi Doncheva 🇬🇧

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