Monday, November 9, 2015

Emi's Thirty-Ninth Email! November 9, 2015

Good week, lots of trying to find people to teach but no cigar. We shall see. 

Monday was fun at Tandle Hill Park, it looked like a scene from a movie. Full of fall (haha). The red leaves were covering every inch and the weather was so nice. Seriously unreal, it looked like an enchanted forest and sister Beard fit right in. I even had her sing to me, it really added to the mood. Then we saw the Porriges to teach their kids the Law of Chastity-fun! (oh and they got us these cute Eskimo type headbands!) Haha, then went back to work, had some mini miracles, very grateful for those. Oh and it was super foggy, really odd.

Tuesday we had a street display with district meeting. We are not very good at those but we tried. Plus there was a place that sold clothes for a pound per item-yes please.

Wednesday we worked a lot and taught Caul and Paroline, lots to learn with our association with them. Went on splits with members-good stuff, I'm still really awkward.

Thursday we ran around a lot and had to head in early for a holiday here, Guy Faux Day? Bonfire night? A man tried to bomb parliament and failed so they celebrate it by throwing a massive bonfire and setting off loads of fireworks-for some reason they set them off during the day a tonne as well, I think they've lost the plot on that one. But they set the fireworks off all week so we constantly had a mini show, what a treat.

Friday we worked a ton in the posh part of our area-love it-hopefully we are moving there. We also saw the Blackcasa family-big fan.

Saturday another display in the rain, more work, the usual. 

Sunday-everything in the ward is changing-new callings, things getting moved around leaving us in limbo stage with our ward mission leader but we are still going to try the culture night, thanks ma for sending some of the Bulgarian recipes. It is raining A LOT. I'm not trying to complain, it is a factor that is motivating me to set appointments in the evenings haha, but cold wet and dark, the wicked threesome, not a fan haha.

I love Sister Beard,we are going to kill it this transfer despite our obvious differences.

I'm so grateful for change. I'm grateful we don't have to be perfect in this life as it is truly the time to prepare to meet God. In the end it will work, it'll be ok. I'm grateful that Christ makes this change possible. I'm grateful for the righteous examples in my life.

Book of Mormon reading updateAlma 33. (Keep in mind I have much more time to read and I want to finish it asap so I can delve more into it). What part are you on?

Top 10
10) Tongan elder demolished 10 bowls of chili I brought to District meeting
9) Taught a lesson with the district leader-we learned a lot
8) Eileen finally got my name right recently "I've done it!!"
7) A young man we met on the street offered to say a prayer with us. Called me a rose and sister Beard an angel haha
6) Fireworks (Guy Fox Day)
5) Boy in the ward leaving for his mission to the Philippines (not Naga).
4) Still got tan lines from the beach (very faint)
3) Tandle Hill Park. (Even met some Bulgarians!)
2) Halloween package from Marybeth!! Thank you!!!
1) SPRING CULLEN IS GOING TO TAIPEI TAIWAN FOR HER MISSION!! Will miss my favourite season, leaving February which is a year after I did...but so happy for her!!


 Intruding the goodbye

 Time with Bishop's sister, the best


 Transfers. Elder Mwea goes home. More Italians and the two Bulgs.

 Swapped companions, we look like a cult.

 Best thing ever or what?





 Fesoj leaving

 Jess Castellano


 Way fun

 I saw a pillar of light

 Exactly over my head



 viewpoint from the park

 Elders playing Rugby

 Tessco has its moments

The poppy appeal

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