Sunday, November 1, 2015

Emi's Thirty-Seventh Email! October 26, 2015

Sister Barbaro is leaving after being here one transfer, I'm going to really really miss her. We got to be good friends and work hard together. She is sooo Italian, I love her little mannerisms (Moving her eye brows up and down really quickly when something was up, saying "bop" when she didn't know something, "Buena not", putting her hands together and shaking them when she was adamant about getting her point a cross, her blatantly, the cooking, kissing me and everyone all the time-appropriately, plus they do it here anyway, and speaking really fast in Italian).

Chances are I'm going to leave here right before Christmas and my birthday to the next town over, in between here and Hyde-typical. I still struggle to understand why I'm in England in the first place but all you can do is have a positive attitude. Often sisters only move when the hanchos think they are causing trouble so they must think I'm doing ok if I've only moved a total of 5 miles in 9 months.

Anyway, We had zone meeting which we brought the 30 pounds of flap jacks to.

We worked. I was sick. We visited the Italian lady again and I accidentally fell asleep, don't think my presence was missed much amidst all the Italian speaking anyway. Plus I was essentially on my deathbed so it was probably for the better.

Bishop's son Fesoj leaves tomorrow, his family is trying very hard to be strong for him but they just have too much love, at least I'll be here to support them? Haha. He'll be in Provo til Christmas, so say hi to him please!

Here's a poem I just made up:
Clocks changed, winter coming. 
Worst season ever. 
Rain and sleet and cold.
Worst combination ever. 
Not even the holidays can compensate for your damp, dark and dreary days.
Why must I lose all feeling in my metacarpals and 'tarsals?
5 hours of sunlight because it's

I don't actually do poetry, but you get the gist.
Come what may and love it!!! Haha. I know it probably sounds like I'm being my typical brat self, but I know I'm doing EVERYTHING I am suppose to be doing. Heavenly Father is blessing me, I know he will yet bless me even more and that some blessings won't come in this life and I have to be ok with that because I love and trust Him. The logic of man must be pushed aside and simply choose to have faith. So I'm going to do that.
Hm, I feel much better now. Here you go, I love this one:

"The disciple will be puzzled at times too, but he persists. Later he rejoices over how wonderfully things fit together. Realising only then that with God, things never were apart." -Neil A Maxwell

I'm getting Sister Beard, new learning experiences to come in the future with her. She is from Missouri and went to BYU! Good news! Sister Baisden is coming really close by! So excited, hopefully we will go on exchanges! We have to.

Sister Emi Doncheva

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