Monday, November 2, 2015

Emi's Thirty-Eighth Email! November 2, 2015

Sister Beard is seriously a little Disney fairytale princess and is super sweet (singing included). We will be able to work hard this transfer and it will be a good time to learn. What's funny is that we are kinda opposites, she's super timid and quiet (which I can be) but I mean more in the sense that she's a morning person, I'm a night person, so we will balance out perfectly haha.Transfers was sad seeing sister Barbaro go, we are friends for life now for sure. 

So funny story, our only progressing and promising investigator/friend has been meeting with other missionaries in Bolton and neither of us knew it! hahah, I want to be discouraged, but trust me this is just too funny. We will let the elders handle him and focus on finding new people before winter comes and we will be dead in the rain. 

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween. It has already started to get dark at 5 here so to be safe that's when we had to head in for the day. We just spent time with Bishop's wife and I made pumpkin bars (thanks Stacy!!) the time flew.

So all my companions so far, if you remember the acronyms, well thus far it's officially SWABBB, which is very close to my beloved MTC companion's Schwab haha, we are meant to be.

So, I really like how British people say "pardon" instead of "sorry", but I just sound silly with my strong American accent, so I'm going to try and do it with a hispanic twist saying pardon *insert accent mark over "o". It's not really working. 

The new elder stole my Asian food on accident, I'm trying not to get mad. He owes me a couple quid though, that's for sure.

Lots in store this transfer.

I really like how although it feels like progress in nilch, there is still so much going on inside of us and in the work that we don't even know about. I'm grateful that because of the Savior and what He did for each of us, I have the opportunity to progress, if not then I would be dismayed. I'm grateful we can always try again because of him.

Top 10
10) Church with a baby blessing
9) The weather hasn't killed me yet
8) Transfer meeting
7) Sister Beard
6) Spider-man should have been a cleaner as his day job, you should have seen me try to scale our bathroom this morning, it was pathetic#
5) Halloween (not highly celebrated here, but I did in my heart)
4) We went to Crew last week again for my retainer and spent some time with Bishop's sister. Last few moments of sanity.
I can't remember anything else

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