Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Emi's Fortieth Email! November 16, 2015

Forget soup, I made some strew yesterday. It was alright (a saying with a more positive connotation here).

We have been doing a lot of working, trying a lot more to work with the members which is kinda tricky, but the best way to do it. 

So the other week, I mentioned how foggy it was, this week it was like a whirlwind haha. And one day, seriously the Tundra. My word. I'm grateful not to be serving where it's even colder and wetter, wherever that may be. 

We had exchanges and sister Baisden and I taught one of the best lessons of my life with Caul and Paroline. It was amazing. 

We had a zone meeting and instead of flap jacks, we had the elders bring like 15pds of brownies haha. (In other news I lost weight!). 

We did lots of finding, which is working a lot of patience. Something will happen soon that won't fall through.

It was sister Schwab's birthday, we will party it up in the future. 

Even though we've been busy with getting nowhere, we have been a bit flustered because there are 3 things which we are planning for in the next two weeks. One, a culture night which we are having Friday, two: presenting a new program to president for this mission and three: decorating for a mission-wide Thanksgiving thing in which we have a minimal budget, but it's ok, because this kind of stuff is actually my forte. It's going to look so good and hopefully each of these endeavours will work out.

Sometimes I try to not get frustrated about certain people. Bishop told me a nice quote that really comforted me "Opinions are like butts, everyone has one and they stink". I've come to realize more and more on my mission that regardless of age and circumstance, people can still be idiots, entropy is a real thing and that humans are very wasteful beings-but that's ok because you still have to love everybody!

I'm grateful for Christ who set that perfect example and whom we really need every hour of our lives.

Top 10
10) Come to terms that there is no such thing as waterproof
9) umbrella #2 dead
8) The position of the sun is super low this time of year. It goes up and kinda is just like "meh" and it's gone.
7) Someone assumed I had a "Cali" accent this week
6) Hymn 224 "I Have Work Enough to Do"
5) Holden Ward got his mission call!
1) Primary Program- "God is our Heavenly Father. Our daddies are the fathers of our bodies. God is the Father of our spirits. Jesus Christ only had one dad. Heavenly Father is the father of his spirit and body, that is why he is the son of God"
That's what it's all about

Happy birthday Katie Curry! Hope it was fab even though it was Friday the 13th (Same to E. Richard Wight)

Sister Emi Doncheva 🇬🇧

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