Monday, November 2, 2015

PICTURES-- transfer 6, oldham

 Finally met Bishop's 3rd son!!!! Took 3 months. We were friends right off the start.

 Love this part of town


 SWAN. Apparently the Queen's bird. Protected by law and everything

 These are the kind of geese that live by my Tesco canals. Evil Canadian geese, go back to Canada


 blind. needed to activate flipper-mode

 I love the Porridges!

 Wild fruit

 I was really enthused for the sunset. Never get to see this

 Made this for the Porridges, it took forever and looked really janky haha

Conference at the Seals. They made a really really really really good lime cheesecake (please let me stay for my birthday). Oh and if you check out the fridge, you'll see me and sister A haha


 Shorna and Sister Riley

 Blood blister. It's more black now, looks like black pudding.

 Decor for the flat


 Working hard

 Hardly working

 Eileen's bday. We sweet



 twinning round 2

 haha reminiscing 


 That's like 50 pounds of flapjacks. £1.50 thanks Park Cake

 3 stooges, 3 amigos. Big fan

 something about say hear see?


 People trying to take pictures for us

 Decked out trolley

 One of the Porridge kids. She loves me and my chins

She's a keeper

 Shorna's farewell. Officially Sister Shorna!!! Heidi got me that shirt!

 Blackpool lights

 When you try to beat the system

 You get locked in the bathroom

 haha Brother Porridge

 Bit better

 Made me think of Sister Black

Poor shot of the Blackpool tower in all its infamous glory

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